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Gasket Sigraflex HOCHDRUCK PRO
Gasket Sigraflex HOCHDRUCK PRO
Gasket Sigraflex HOCHDRUCK PRO
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Jual Gasket Sigraflex HOCHDRUCK PRO

Spesifikasi Gasket Sigraflex HOCHDRUCK PRO

jual Gasket Sigraflex HOCHDRUCK PRO

SIGRAFLEX ® HOCHDRUCK is a multilayer high-strength sheet material comprising 0.5 mm thick layers of high-quality graphite foil (type Z) and 0.05 mm thick stainless steel foil. Depending on the sheet thick- ness required, several layers of graphite and stainless steel foil are joined together in a special process. SIGRAFLEX HOCHDRUCK is a sealing material with excellent mechanical properties Applications For gaskets meeting increased demands for operational reliability and sealability, notably: ■ Requirements of the German Clean Air Act/ TA Luft (gaskets with modified inner eyelet; for high gasket pressures without eyelet) ■ Blow-out resistance ■ Fire safety For mechanically highly stressed sealed joints exposed to: ■ Very high gasket pressures of over 300 N/mm 2 (see material data) ■ Very high internal pressures of up to 250 bar. For gaskets in tongue-and-groove flanges meeting DIN and ANSI standards: ■ Recommended as one-piece gaskets up to 1500 mm outside diameter; over 1500 mm diameter as two-layer str uctures in segments ■ It is recommended that the bolts be tightened up to the permitted limit.

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