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Gasket Sigraflex Economy
Gasket Sigraflex Economy
Gasket Sigraflex Economy
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Jual Gasket Sigraflex Economy

Spesifikasi Gasket Sigraflex Economy

jual Gasket Sigraflex Economy

SIGRAFLEX ECONOMY is a bonded sealing sheet made from flexible graphite foil with one or two 0.05 mm thick stainless steel foil reinforcements. Applications ʈ For pumps, fittings and valves, especially for thin gaskets ʈ For unstable flanges with low gasket stresses and for waste gas pipelines, e.g. in incineration plants ʈ For raised-face flanges meeting DIN EN 1514 and DIN 2690 ʈ For operating pressures from vacuum up to 40 bar ʈ For corrosive media ʈ Operating temperatures range from – 250 °C up to 450 °C depending on chemical resistance, and possibly to 550 °C after consulting the manufacturer. Life time might be limited by actual equipment temperatures and operating conditions. Please refer to our technical guidelines regarding thermal stability.

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